Functions of Secondary Air Injection Systems

16 Feb

Secondary air injection systems are one of the most important components in any vehicles. They are fitted in vehicles so that they regulate gas emissions. Every vehicle should comply with the reduction of gas emissions. It we also called the smog pump and it is the one that will control the emissions that are released to the atmosphere. It is the device in all automobiles that will ensure that the fuel burner is more efficient and clean. The smog pump has very many components that will make the functionality complete. The first one is the air injection. This is the main part of the secondary air injection system. This is because it acts as a way through which the gasses will leave out of the combustion chamber and then pass through a port that is found in the system. The air injection is going to introduce oxygen to the port. This will in turn cause the gas that has carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons burn more efficiently thus depleting them so much easily. The air injection will also supply air to the catalytic converter. It will also have an air pump and diverter valves. Some will also be fitted with check valve and the distributor valve. See page here!

The other component is the air pump at Its function is to create a force that is used to push air into the air injection system. The air pump is usually powered using an electric motor or sometimes using a belt. The other one is the diverter valve. This type of valve is usually found in vehicles which are supposed to prevent large amounts of air from getting into the system especially when the vehicle is slowing down. This is aimed at reducing the backfiring while the vehicle is on move and will also limit the air pressure that builds up. There is also the air distributor that is also referred to as the distribution manifold or sometimes the air management valve it is used to switch the direction of air flow to the catalytic chamber or the exhaust fold. This will however depends on the conditions that the vehicle concerned is operating. They also have the check valve that are very essential in the prevention of exhaust air from flowing into the system which may cause an irreversible damage to the vehicle. When buying this secondary injection system care should be taken not to buy a counterfeit one. Get the quality ones and make sure that they have warranties

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